Company owners

Erik Kero, Managing Director

Erik provides the balance in the company. A calm and analytical father of seven, he likes to ski to work when there’s snow on the ground. It takes a lot for him to lose his temper, and he keeps a close eye on the company and the numbers.

His spare time is taken up with family, hunting and outdoor life.

Erik’s business motto is that stable finances lead to long-term sustainable development.

Erik Kero





Emma Kero, Marketing/Sales

Emma is the face of KERO and the motor in the business. She has a firm hand on everything to do with products and orders.

Emma likes a fast pace and quick decision-making; in her spare time she is busy building a holiday cottage. Key words for Emma are high quality hand-in-hand with fast service.

If you contact her about orders, questions or claims you’ll get a quick answer.

Emma Kero


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