Company owners

Kero owners

Company owners

Erik Kero, Managing Director

Erik provides the balance in the company. A calm and analytical father of seven, he likes to ski to work when there’s snow on the ground. It takes a lot for him to lose his temper, and he keeps a close eye on the company and the numbers.

His spare time is taken up with family, hunting and outdoor life.

Erik’s business motto is that stable finances lead to long-term sustainable development.

Erik Kero





Emma Kero, Marketing/Sales

Emma is the face of KERO and the motor in the business. She has a firm hand on everything to do with products and orders.

Emma likes a fast pace and quick decision-making; in her spare time she is busy building a holiday cottage. Key words for Emma are high quality hand-in-hand with fast service.

If you contact her about orders, questions or claims you’ll get a quick answer.

Emma Kero


Free shipping & free returns inside Sweden

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Right now you can buy with free shipping and free returns on orders over 1500 SEK. We want at shopping at feels easy and secure. Free shipping and free returns make it convenient and practical for you to shop for shoes and accessories online!

Free shipping & free returns inside Sweden
With orders over 1500 SEK

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