Payment options

If you place your order from outside Sweden this will apply:

If you order from Kero from outside Sweden you will have to make payment from your credit card VISA or Mastercard. 

If you order within in Sweden these options will apply:

Klarna invoice
Divide the payment
for 100 SEK/month
With this service you choose how much to pay per month. Lowest 100 SEK/month or 1/24 of the total amount. You can always choose to pay the full amount at once. 1.5% monthly interest rate. Administration fee 29 SEK. No set-up charges

Klarna Invoice Me
Invoice 14 days

With this service you will receive an invoice at 14 days interest free from the day we sent out your package. The service costs just 35 SEK.
Payment terms 14 days. Late payment fee by the amount allowed by law at present 50 SEK and interest at 24% + applicable reference rate. Standard credit check without courtesy copy is made and delivery is only to the registered address.


We take credit cards such as MasterCard, and VISA. When you register your purchase at checkout and received an 'Ok', the purchase is done. Trading in short is the fastest and cheapest way to order as no extra charges.

Cash on Delivery
An additional freight charges of 50 SEK. We will send your package to the mail delivery point that is closest to you, where you have to pay for your order when you pick it out.

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