Experience guarantees quality

The longer we live the more opportunities we get to collect knowledge and experience. We have tanned leather and sewn and sold leather products in 85 years. We know our cause. By so well mistakes and progress over the years we have learned how we create quality. Sustainable quality for us are products that hold year in and year out. A couple beak shoes or a vintage bag is never considered to be the season's throwaway, it’s a friend for life.

Natural since 1929

We tan our leather in a natural way, which means that the skin is handled with substances from the nature. It is the most environment-friendly tanning method. In addition to reduced environmental impact, it also gives a user-friendly leather that allows the skin to breathe.

Vegetable-tanned reindeer skin

Reindeer skin from Kero is vegetable-tanned, with tanning agents from...
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Guaranteed sustainable

To think one step further and consume sustainably is becoming more and...
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Kero Original since 1929

The KERO company has a long and solid history. Yrjö Kero founded...
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