Kero Original since 1929

The KERO company has a long and solid history. Yrjö Kero founded the company in 1929 together with Karl Wälivaara and made it his life’s mission to create the thriving company that developed into the still-thriving company culture in the small village of Sattajärvi, 20 kilometres south of Pajala in Sweden’s far north.
Yrjö started the business with a tannery in 1929 and expanded it with a shoemaking section in the 1950s. In 2005 the company was divided into two parts, the tanning operations now in Kero Leather AB, and shoemaking and production in Kero AB.

Today Kero AB is owned by three related owners from three different families. Despite the colourful history of the tannery and shoemakers, the company has never stopped running nor has it ever stopped producing peaked shoes.

Vegetable-tanned reindeer skin

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Experience guarantees quality

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