Johanna is a girl from Umeå who is passionate about sustainability, globalization, fair trade and slow fashion. That, together with her interest in jewelry and fashion got her to start her company JohannaN, which is a perfect combination of them both.

The company was started together with handicraft partners from Thailand. That because of Thailands big amount of zinc and copper, which in turn creates brass. And brass on the other hand is the material Johanna creates her jewelry of. The brass handicraft is quite rare nowadays, it’s only found in a few places in the world, one of them is Thailand.

JohannaNs jewelries is a unique meeting of northern design and Thai handicraft that gives the buyer a timeless and unique jewelry of good quality. That is also reflecting Johanna's vision of a more sustainable consumption; where you choose quality over quantity and where the awareness of the product’s lifetime increases.

- For me, Kero is quality and sustainability. Local handicrafts managing but also renewing the traditional models, designs and materials, is something that I really love. I have never received so much compliments as for my Kero-boots, Johanna says.

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