Jord is a music group from Tornedalen in Swedish Lapland. Their hallmark is the vocal anthem, language and Tornedalian melodies. The music has clear roots but surpriseses with elements from other styles and continents. The lyrics performed mainly in Meänkieli and mediate a mixture of Swedish and Finnish identity.

Their music has been called Meänkieli jazz and been compared with Ronia The Robbers Daughter’s music. It is like a rare mix of modern Swedish ballads, Finnish tango, Finnish accordion, spiritual music, north Swedish folk music, Sami culture and medieval ballads.

The band debuted in 2002 with the album "Väylän virrassa: Musik från Tornedalen" (Music from Tornedalen) and their goal with their music is to bring out the Tornedalian culture to the world.

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