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A cultural legacy

The beak shoe is interesting not only for its unique and distinctive character , but also for its cultural heritage . A legacy that has its roots as far back as the 1500s. During the 1900s, it is primarily the Sami tradition with beak shoes to gáktis who have contributed to beak the shoe is still going strong.  

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A part of the sami industry

Our reindeer skin comes from the Sami reindeer industry. An industry that is of central importance in the Sami community. Reindeer herding is not just a cattle...

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A strong and durable hide

The reindeer trails between pastures and seasonal changing, in close contact with both the northern lights and the midnight sun. There are hard mountain winds,...

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Charlotte Kalla

The Tornedalian wilderness ancient power is flowing in Charlotte’s blood. She grew up among the pine heaths, marshes and rough winters, nature is a part of who...

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Clean leather

Are you trying to buy more locally? Is it perhaps to a greater extent at the supermarket than at other consumption? At Kero, we have Scandinavian leather. The reindeer...

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