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To think one step further and consume sustainably is becoming more and more important for humans. Sometimes it may be tricky as a consumer to know if you consume sustainable or not. In that case it could be beneficial with a sustainable marking. For us at Kero, sustainability is a matter of course, but maybe it isn’t that obvious to our customers that we sell sustainable products? To clarify our sustainability, we have developed a badge. On this page you can read how we work with sustainability. The concept that stood through decades 85 years, it is longer than a lifetime for many. It’s now been 85 years old since Yrjö Kero started our business. Decades after decades we’ve kept on track. We’ve sewn beak shoes that walked around the world. From high mountain...

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A strong and durable hide
A strong and durable hide
The reindeer trails between pastures and seasonal changing, in close contact with both the northern lights and the midnight sun. There are...
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