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Beak shoes

Swedish made sami beak boots and shoes

The distinctive and curious character of the beak shoe comes from traditions that has formed over hundreds of years.
For generations, the beak shoe has been a specialty of the Kero family business.
The cultural heritage is close to our hearts, so we develop and improve the old model with great care. Today, several models in different colors are available.

Beak shoe soft

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Kero x denim demon

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An environmentally friendly shoe

We use reindeer hide in our beak shoes, which is unusual but beneficial.
The leather is tanned naturally, a method that is very friendly to the environment and creates a living material that adapts to the shape of your feet. This make the shoes comfortable from the first day you wear them.
Naturally tanned leather breathes better than other leather shoes, which help keep the feet dry.
Heel and sole is made from rugged natural rubber.

Shoes and leather accessories from Kero upholds a level of quality that goes sharply against the throwaway mentality. Our careful manufacturing and choice of materials result in leather shoes that last long and age beautifully. Should for instance a seam break, you are welcome to send the shoes to us for repair at material cost.

All shoes are Swedish made, a few dozen kilometers from Pajala to be specific. All hide is naturally tanned and colored by us. Since both manufacturing and sales are handled by Kero, we can guarantee fine men's, ladies’ and children's shoes with origins you know.
Order winter and autumn shoes made with crafting passion and a keen eye for details. You are also welcome to order reindeer hide shoes made to fit your foot for custom manufacture.

Free shipping & free returns inside Sweden

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Free shipping & free returns inside Sweden
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