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Swedish Lapland handmade knives

Knives are a genuine handcraft and our products follow the old Swedish Lapland tradition for making knives. A good knife for every unique occasion is almost a must-have leather belt or the natural-colored leather backpack.

Lapland survival knife

From: 1 130,00 SEK

Lapland Polar knife 7,7cm

From: 870,00 SEK

Large polar knife10,5cm

From: 940,00 SEK

Lapland mushroom knife

From: 620,00 SEK

Lapland Knife älgspår

From: 985,00 SEK

Lapland Fillet knife

From: 860,00 SEK

Lapland knife 8cm

From: 1 490,00 SEK

Lapland knife skogen 8cm

From: 1 380,00 SEK

Sattajärvi knife

From: 1 080,00 SEK

Lapland knife Visa

From: 830,00 SEK

Double knife 9,5 - 6cm

From: 1 300,00 SEK

Lapland carving knife

From: 1 360,00 SEK

Lapland knife Zebra 7,7cm

From: 945,00 SEK

Strömeng Knife 8"

From: 2 200,00 SEK

Strömeng knife 7"

From: 2 170,00 SEK

Lapland knife with whetstone

From: 1 130,00 SEK

Strömeng Knife 9"

From: 2 260,00 SEK

Tornedalen knife

From: 1 150,00 SEK

Small Zebran knife 62mm

From: 620,00 SEK

Small Polar knife 6cm

From: 690,00 SEK

Knife Rosa

From: 775,00 SEK

Knife Kol

From: 587,00 SEK


From: 2 238,75 SEK

Kniv i näver

From: 1 780,00 SEK

Norgekniv 5

From: 2 100,00 SEK


From: 1 670,00 SEK

Kniv med fingerskydd

From: 1 200,00 SEK

The concept that stood through decades

85 years, it is longer than a lifetime for many. It’s now been 85 years old since Yrjö Kero started our business. Decades after decades we’ve kept on track. We’ve sewn beak shoes that walked around the world. From high mountain peaks to downtown New York City, and even worn by the King of Tonga. By following the development without sacrificing our characteristic crafts, we have succeeded in creating a sustainable concept. From the beginning the beak shoe trudged in mire, now it’s wandering everywhere.

Discover Kero

Guaranteed sustainable
Guaranteed sustainable
To think one step further and consume sustainably is becoming more and more important for humans. Sometimes it may be tricky as a consumer to know...
Kero Original since 1929
Kero Original since 1929
The KERO company has a long and solid history. Yrjö Kero founded the company in 1929 together with Karl Wälivaara and made it his...
Experience guarantees quality
Experience guarantees quality
The longer we live the more opportunities we get to collect knowledge and experience. We have tanned leather and sewn and sold leather products in...
Design for decades
Design for decades
Decades after decades , we have kept the business on track. We have sewn beak shoes that have walked the streets worldwide. From the high mountain...
Clean leather
Clean leather
Are you trying to buy more locally? Is it perhaps to a greater extent at the supermarket than at other consumption? At Kero, we have Scandinavian...
A strong and durable hide
A strong and durable hide
The reindeer trails between pastures and seasonal changing, in close contact with both the northern lights and the midnight sun. There are...
A part of the sami industry
A part of the sami industry
Our reindeer skin comes from the Sami reindeer industry. An industry that is of central importance in the Sami community. Reindeer herding is...
A cultural legacy
A cultural legacy
The beak shoe is interesting not only for its unique and distinctive character , but also for its cultural heritage . A legacy that has its roots...
Kero Vintage
Kero Vintage
Now we have launched our new product line "Kero vintage". During our company's long history since 1929, we have produced many different types of...
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