The Story

Forest country enthusiasts

The three hundred and fifty people village is full of visionaries and people brimming with enthusiasm.

To travel in the northern countryside is to travel mile after mile, hour after hour through dense forest and barren wilderness. Here and there you are met by quiet villages with houses that now sadly echo empty.

But then you arrive to Sattajärvi

Here things are a little different. As the forest thins and the village in front of you spreads out on both sides of the road you realize that this small village truly is different. New houses stand together with old traditional northern farmhouses. The village is bubbling with activity and you see lights in every window as you continue along the road. This small village is developing, changing and evolving because confidence is high.

Three hundred and fifty people live in the village, many of them are new residents and nearly half of them are children. In the winter, if you stop and listen closely, you will hear light, quick steps, hockey clubs smashing together and eager voices from the schoolyard where children are playing hockey in the freshly fallen snow.

The village is full of visionaries and people brimming with enthusiasm. Pooling their ideas and efforts, the villagers built a ski resort with a 600 meter ski slope. It was completed in 2010 and is a testament to the momentum and energy in the village.

The next generation is leading the way

Today the third generation of the Kero is running the company and the fourth is already involved in the production process. Much has happened since Yrjö Kero started his small tannery in 1929.

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