How do I take care of my beak shoes?

- Degrease your beak shoes a few times a year  with our bear degreaser or leather degreaser, it is important not to anoint a thick layer of fat. With the bear degreaser the leather becomes slightly darker, we recommend it to the colours nature, antique brown and black. The leather degreaser on the other hand is completely transparent, we recommend it to our slippers and the colours red, green and gray.

What is the difference between the beaks Blötnäbben and Bynäbben?

- Blötnäbben is a neater shoe with thin soles and shanks, more of a spring and autumn shoe. Bynäbben on the other hand is a stable boot with heavier sole for winter.

What's the soles of the shoes?

- The beaks has a cell rubber sole. The slipper Kilatoffeln has an EVA-midsole & Denim Demon-shoe has a "moreflex" Vibram sole.

Are the beak shoes lined?

- The shoes are not warm-lined but the colored beak shoes have a thin reindeer leather feed.

What does “naturally tanned” mean?

- All our leather products are made of naturally tanned leather, that means that the tanning substances comes from the nature. Advantages of the natural tanned leather is that the leather breathes and is completely free from heavy metals such as chromium.

What is used for coloring of the leather?

- It's the same color as for clothes dyeing.

Is the colored leather discoloring?

- Blötnäbben has no feed. If you have Blötnäbben with some of the strong colors like red and black we recommend using dark socks from the beginning. If wet, it can discolor your socks.

Why has the shoe a beak?

- Back in history people in our region used the beak shoes when skiing. The beak served as ski-fastening.

Do I need to take one size larger to make room for knitted socks?

- To the thicker beak shoes we recommend taking a larger size if you want to fit soles and knitted socks.

How big is a reindeer leather?

- Approximately 10 sq.ft = 80 * 110cm

What is the difference between the different collations on the skins?

- First sorting is flawless. Second sorting has some small cosmetic defects. Third sorting has defects such as holes and stains.

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