Kero Original

Kero Original is the northernmost shoemaker still operating in Sweden. Keros were the first shoemakers to use machines in making their Sámi-style peaked shoes – and the only shoemakers to have always been part of the history of peaked shoes. The Kero tannery in Sattajärvi, Pajala, is the world’s northernmost tannery specialising in reindeer skin. The tannery is today owned and run by Kero Leather AB. 

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Klassiskt hantverk i modern tappning

Swedish made sami beak boots and shoes

The distinctive and curious character of the beak shoe comes from traditions that has formed over hundreds of years. For generations, the beak shoe has been a specialty of the Kero family business. The cultural heritage is close to our hearts, so we develop and improve the old model with great care. Today, several models in different colors are available.

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Svensktillverkade näbbskor & näbbstövlar - Kero


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