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If you’re heading for Tornedalen in northern Sweden, make sure you plan a stop at Sattajärvi, which is, to be precise, 20 kilometres south of Pajala. We’re happy to take guided group tours of the tannery and shoemakers if you book in advance.

However, you’re always welcome to visit the tannery museum, which is open year-round. The shop carries most of our product range, and it’s a good chance to stop for a cup of coffee and piece of cake.

Our shop is open monday to friday 10.00-16.00 in july.

Välkommen till vår butik

Tannery museum

The tannery museum was made to show how tanning used to be done in the old days. The old village tannery used only vegetable tanning based on such natural plant extracts as spruce, willow and oak bark – an interesting and informative visit for the curious.

You are warmly welcome to visit us at KEROs!

Sattajärvi i Lappland karta

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