Natural since 1929

Bild innifrån gamla garveriet på Keros. Bilden visar en gedigen träbyggnad med diverse läderföremål som hänger i tak och väggar.

We tan our leather in a natural way, which means that the skin is handled with substances from the nature. It is the most environment-friendly tanning method. In addition to reduced environmental impact, it also gives a user-friendly leather that allows the skin to breathe.

Environmentally friendly tanning with bark

The reindeer skin is bought in the Nordic countries from Sámi communities that have practised reindeer herding for several centuries. So the reindeer skin is locally produced and bears a certificate of origin that it is a Nordic animal.

The process of tanning skin into finished leather takes roughly 2 weeks. The first step in the process is to clean the skin from salt and slaughter remains. Then the fur is removed with the help of lime which causes the hair follicles to detach from the hairs. Then follows tanning, which is a means to conserve the skin, and which is done by removing the organic binding agents in the skin and replacing them with tanning agents from wood species such as mimosa.


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