The history of the Snötassen

En bild på ett par snötass skor.

In the Snötass beak shoe, the urban and the modern meets with our classic craftsmanship from Sattajärvi.

Our goal was to find a model where the new meets the old. The idea and model matured for many years, until Snötassen was finally released in autumn 2017.

Snötassen engages. The name was added after a competition where we received a record number of suggestions for what it should be called – over 3,000 name suggestions were sent in. Snötass means “snow paw” in Swedish.

The almost sneaker-like Snötassen is our most comfortable shoe ever. The shoe model originates in Bynäbben, but has a vibram morflex sole that has been sanded down, and then we have attached a non-slip surface coating to it. At the same time, it is also soft and comfortable to walk in.

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